BioCleanz Formula Approved by Health Canada!

New generation of disinfection technology now available in Canada

PRINCE GEORGE, BC - Emebko Enterprises Inc. announced today that its product BioCleanz, a revolutionary decontaminating cleaner, has achieved Health Canada certification as a bactericide, germicide, biocide and more. 

BioCleanz is a scientifically formulated system that works as a broad-spectrum disinfectant, multi-surface cleaner, and odour eliminator. It can be used as a hospital disinfectant, and it effectively eliminates even the strongest odours caused by organic decay, fires, sewage, chemicals, animals, mold and mildew. BioCleanz has the power to disinfect as it cleans and is fragrance free. 

BioCleanz has tested 99.9999% effective against a wide variety of pathogenic microorganisms including antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses such as MRSA, Avian Influenza, Swine Influenza A (H1N1) and HIV-1 on non-porous hard surfaces. It uses its innovative technology to stabilize Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2), a powerful disinfectant and odour neutralizer, until it meets one of its targets to release 2000 ppm of potential CLO2. A mild surfactant package is added to provide a no rinse, three-in-one solution without the use of hazardous toxins or negative effects to the environment.

“We are excited to make this amazing product available to the Canadian marketplace,” said Michelle Woolf, president and CEO of Emebko Enterprises Inc. “A variant of the product is successfully used by multiple U.S. industries, including healthcare. BioCleanz can now offer its powerful odour neutralizing and germ killing technology to Canadians.”

BioCleanz provides solutions to some of industry’s problems with its versatility and ease of use. It can break down chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide, formaldehyde, mercaptans and methane, and eliminate strong odours such as skunk, urine and bio decay. This past May, BioCleanz was given one of its stinkiest tests yet when it went against the stench of a decomposing blue whale in Newfoundland, Canada. 

BioCleanz is available through selected distributors in several regions across Canada. Visit to find out where.