EMebKo strives to be a responsible company.  We do our best to make ethical decisions in our every day dealings, reduce our environmental impact and have a positive impact in our community.  As such we have set out some goals to meet these targets.

1. Business ethics:

A. Business Practices: We believe that trust and transparency is essential for long term success.  We work closely with our suppliers, distributors, clients and staff to nurture trusting, open, honest and ethical business practices including the establishment of transparent relationships with government entities.  This includes creating clear accurate and complete records and disclosures when and where required

B. Working Conditions and Individual Rights: As an effort to conduct business in an ethical manner, will not engage in business practices that compromises an individual’s rights such as forced labour, child labour, or any other rights set out by applicable local laws. We strive to meet and exceed local health and safety standards and working conditions.  We embrace diversity and believe that all individuals should be treated with respect and dignity and as such have set out strict consequences for staff who participate in any form of harassment, intimidation and/or discrimination.

2. Environmental Stewardship:

To reach our goal of being strong environmental stewards, EMebKo attempts to  reduce our impact by making environmentally sound business decisions.  We make every effort to use resources responsibly through conservation and sustainable practices.

3. Community Involvement:

We attempt to contribute to our community wherever we can. We believe involvement in the community through volunteerism, charitable giving and initiatives not only build strong community bonds but is the responsibility of a business as a member of its community.